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How to Use This Template

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The directions below provide information about how to set up your e-Portfolio in PBworks for the Educational Technology Program requirements. You will be adding the template content to your wiki by pasting into the source code.  Please follow the steps below.


Step 1:

Create your e-Portfolio wiki in PBworks and add the following pages in addition to the Front Page (Home page): 

  • Reflection Letter
  • Matrix
  • Courses Taken
  • Contact Me


Step 2:

Click on each txt file below. It will open into a new web page.  To get the source code for each page, click on View > Source.  A text document will open. Save each text document file by clicking on File>Save As and save to a location that you will be able to access easily. The desktop is quite handy for this, but the default is usually My Documents.


The source code for each page:


Step 3:

The below will step you through creating the template for the Home Page.

  • In your wiki home page, click on Edit. 
  • In the menu bar, click on Source.  It is located in the bottom row of the icons above and to the far right.
  • Open the home page text file and copy all the content.
  • Highlight all the text in the source code of the page and delete.
  • Paste the content from the document into the source code page.
  • Click on Source and you should see the template looking very much like the one in this example. 
  • After the format is there, you can edit as you normally do for a wiki.
  • Follow the same directions for each page and your wiki template will be ready to edit.


Step 4:

Make sure the top menu links go to your wiki instead of this template. You can do this by right clicking on each menu item, then selecting the appropriate page for your wiki.  Once you have the page selected, click on OK.  To save yourself some time, make sure all the links are correct on the first page and just copy and paste the links for the other e-Portfolio pages.


Step 5:

Begin adding content to your wiki. You will need to check the links to ensure they work and you will need to add your artifacts, etc. for each artifact you are using.


Please note:  The best method for staying up on your e-Portfolio is to add content for each course as you complete it.







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